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Welcome to Learn Logo Design. My names Ian Paget, I’m a graphic designer based in Reading, UK and I want to help people around the world learn how to design a logo. I already do this by finding the best logo design resources the world has to offer, and sharing them with others through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Now I’m working on a book and training course too!


Creating an identity design training course & book!

I’m passionate about logo design, so run my own logo design company called Logo Geek, but I’m also planning to put together my own logo design training course that will become a book. My long-term goal is for this book and website to become a valuable resource to help teach people how to design a logo and brand identity.

Keep returning to read my logo design tutorial blogs as I post them, or if you need support or have questions, follow me on twitter and send your questions to @Logo_Geek. I aim to post news and tips on logo design daily. Alternatively feel free to contact me by sending an email to ian@logogeek.co.uk

Thanks for the support, and look forward to connecting with you soon!


Learn Logo Design Book by Ian Paget


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    When designing a logo you should always create a vector format of the logo. Why? There are numerous benefits to working with vector based software such as Adobe Illustrator, and here’s a few of them: Since vector graphics are based on paths, points, lines, cures and shapes using mathematical...

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    A look inside a designers sketchbook

    Every designer has their own design process, but paper and pen is the first place to start for most. You can quickly sketch and explore ideas with no limitations. Some designers may choose to work directly on the computer, but personally I find that designs can feel refined and...

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