How to avoid clients from hell?

When you work in the creative industry, unfortunately at some point in your career you will get ‘bad clients’. Clients who know best and take control, those who never give enough information, or those who will never accept a logo design no matter how many revisions are made. Clients like this will suck away your energy, waste your time, and stifle your creativity.

Carl Heaton from Bangkok Design Agency recently gave some superb tips to Creative Bloq, which help avoid getting stuck with clients from hell. The advice given advises to filter out the bad clients from the outset, so you end up working with the perfect clients instead…

Secrecy is a warning sign

If a client has a ‘big secret’ idea they are not prepared to share, often turn out to be a client from hell. Avoid arranging meetings, or signing contracts until you have an idea exactly what the client is looking for.

Try to gather as much information as you can about their intentions before wasting time on both sides.  In most cases they will announce an unrealistic vision, such as a website that’s like facebook but better.

Price is the first line of defense

Consider what type of clients do you want to attract, and price accordingly. If your prices are set correctly you can filter out the idiots and time wasters. Serious business owners and entrepreneurs will understand the value of great identity design, and the value your work will bring to their business.

Effort in = Effort out

By asking clients to complete paperwork before you take them on will filter out the clients who are not willing to put in time, or those who have no idea what they want or need. If a client has a serious intent to go with you, they will spend the time to provide the required information.

You will find that many potential clients will not be willing to complete the questionnaire, which will allow you to stay open and be available for when the right client comes along.

Do you have any advice to offer to avoid bad clients? Add to the comments list below.

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