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Where’s Wolda? The Worldwide Logo Design Annual

I’ve recently been on the look out for logo design awards and competitions I could get involved with and talk about with the design community. When browsing through blogs, articles and related websites I have quite frequently come across Wolda, which stands for “The Worldwide Logo Design Annual”.

Unfortunately for me and other logo designers, Wolda is no longer maintained and hasn’t been since 2010. It’s a real shame as it looks like in its day it was one of the leading websites of its type, with support from well known community names such as Behance, Taxi and Creative Pool.

What’s Wolda?

The below has been quoted from the website, which perfectly explains what Wolda is:

Wolda is the high-profile graphic design award scheme that rewards the best logos and trademarks designed throughout the world, creating an archive that tracks the evolution of tastes, styles and trends in global design, year after year. Wolda’s standing is guaranteed by the endorsement of the most important design associations and schools. Designers, agencies, studios and students from all over the world are invited to enter.

What happened to Wolda?

I managed to get in touch with Mauro Pastore, one of the founders and owners, and here’s what he had to say:

In 2010, me and my partners had to decide to give up this little piece of ourselves, a dream which we have believed in for years and which we continue to believe in. Since its launch in 2006, in the space of a few years, Wolda has become one of the most influential award schemes in the design world, thanks to its unique three-level jury (then changed), the 100+ design associations and schools that endorse it and – most of all – the design community that has supported and participated in it.

As designers ourselves, with a passion for great design publications and great logo design, we came up with the idea of creating the annual of our dreams. Few years later, it was a reality. After a significant investment of time, money and hard work, we have succeeded in creating a prominent, high quality design annual. It has been a particularly challenging adventure, not only because it isn’t our real job, but also because we have been building another successful project at the same time: Cacao Design, a small design firm in Milan founded in January 2004 which is our main activity.

But in 2010 the moment has arrived to admit that we just don’t have the time to bring up both of our babies the way we would like to (and the way they deserve). Both projects have grown in leaps and bounds, so now we were obliged to choose between them. And we thought the best solution is for everyone to do what they’re best at. So as designers, we decided to concentrate on designing and let someone who really knows about publishing do that. We also have to admit that the selling of the books was not that success, in our hands… we know how to design, paginate and print but everything else is something we would love to forget!

The reply is something I can completely relate to and understand. There’s only a certain amount of time in each day, and its important to do what you love. I respect their decision, and believe they made the right choice. It’s a sad fact that this has happened however since what Mauro and his fellow founders created is something very special: A place for the greatest logo design work to shine.

Can we bring back the logo design annual?

I’m happy to hear that there is a way to bring back Wolda, but we as a community need to help. Mauro and his founders are looking to sell up, and pass on the awards to the next generation. They are however not just looking for investment, but someone who can also manage and organise the company.

Here’s whats for sale with some supporting stats:

The whole Wolda package, including:

  • Wolda trademark, domain and website
  • Mailing list of designers, students, etc
  • Contact details for endorsers, media partners, sponsors
  • Artwork and xhtml open files of all online and offline material
  • All printed annuals from previous years still in stock (few copies)
  • Any help and advice required during the handover period

Level of interest (while still active):

  • 9,051 subscribers to our newsletter
  • 5,895 activated accounts (80% professional designers, 20% students)
  • 800 average visits per day to (average duration of 4:44 minutes per visit)
  • 3,202 likes on Wolda’s Facebook page (still increasing)

2010 (last edition) costs in euro:

  • 5,000 web services
  • 3,000 admin (PayPal, bank charges, various duties required by Italian law)
  • 6,800 accounting (relating to the preparation of accounts for Eulda Books, the company originally behind Wolda, but now closed)
  • 6,500 staff (one part-time employee to manage day-to-day relations with the public, media, endorsing associations, etc)
  • 21,300 TOTAL
  • 2010 income (euro): 25,800 entry fees

Help Wolda find a new home

As a community, lets help bring back Wolda, and find the right person to take it forward.

Here’s more information from Mauro on the sale price:

It’s really hard to put a price on Wolda, considering the years of time, energy and financial resources we have dedicated to it. At the same time, we understand that potential buyers need a realistic figure to think about! In view of the above, an asking price of 40,000 euro seems a fair starting point, although any reasonable offer will be considered. As you can see from the above figures, Wolda is profitable, even while run on “autopilot” (as was the case of its last edition, in 2010) and with various costs relating to the Italian company behind it, which are no longer relevant. We are convinced that with the right investment of time and energy behind it (something that the we are no longer able to provide), it could yield significantly more.

If like me Wolda excites you as a concept, and something you’d love to be part of, share this post out into the design community and help  bring ‘The Worldwide Logo Design Annual’ back to life!

For more information about Wolda visit, of if you are interested in purchasing or would like to know any further details contact

Did you ever take part in Wolda? Do you own an annual? Share your thoughts and stories below.

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